Uvex ExtremePro Replacement Lens

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Economical and easy lens replacement allows for multiple tints and long-term use of the eyewear. High performance lens coatings provide longer lens life.

Lens Coating:

  • Ultra-dura hardcoat is one of the toughest anti-scratch coatings in the world. It is also permanently bonded to the lens and offers excellent scratch and chemical resistance.
  • Supra-Dura - An advanced anti-scratch coating that's superior in high particulate environments where lens scratching is a severe problem. It lasts 5x* longer than any other anti-scratch coating on the market today.
  • Uvextreme anti-fog coating offers superior performance under the most extreme conditions and will not wear off after repeated cleanings.
  • Uvextreme Plus offers the same anti-fog performance as Uvextreme, but with extended wear. It is permanently bonded to the lens which helps it retain its anti-scratch, anti-static and UV protection properties.
  • Dura-streme Dual Anti-fog/Anti-scratch Coating - combines the benefits of industry-leading Uvextreme anti-fog and Ultradura anti-scratch coatings onto one lens. While the advanced anti-fog properties of Uvextreme help keep the interior of the lens clear from fogging, the rugged properties of Ultra-dura anti-scratch coating protect the exterior of the lens from scuffs and scratches, adding up to 3x* more life to lenses.

Lens Tints:

  • Clear- Ideal for most indoor work applications.
  • Espresso- Minimizes strong outdoor sunlight and glare.
  • SCT-Reflect 50- Light mirror coating is ideal for varying light conditions.
  • Shade 3 and 5- Ideal for welding, brazing and cutting.
  • Dark Gray- Minimizes eye fatigue due to outdoor sunlight and glare.
  • SCT-Gray- Minimizes outdoor glare and offers true color recognition.

Compliance: Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 (High Impact) and CSA Z94.3 standards.

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Additional Information

ANSI Z87.1
Made In USA
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