• BiFocal

    Focus on a wide variety of Bifocal Safety Glasses and Goggles, clear or tinted, from strengths of +1.00 to +3.00.

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  • Shooting

    Stay on target with this can’t-miss selection of Shooting Eyewear from Randolph, Oakley, Wiley X, Smith, ESS, Edge and others.

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  • Staff
    Staff Picks

    Overwhelmed by our selection of safety eyewear? Consider these favorites among our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

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  • Polarized

    Block excessive glare with Polarized Safety Glasses. Your eyes will thank you later.

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  • Women

    Ladies, this one’s just for you. Shop our Women’s Safety Glasses and then come back again -- we’ll add more!

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  • Clearance

    Who doesn’t love a great deal? Get the hook-up in our Clearance section where everything is at least 25% off its original price.

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Safety Glasses for Every Application

When many people hear the words “safety glasses” or “protective eyewear,” they think in terms of blocking debris from the eyes. While impact, dust, and chemical splash protection are certainly a priority, there are other hazards as well, such as light. Common but dangerous light rays come in the forms of Ultraviolet, Infrared, lasers, and even blue light. But don’t worry, we got you covered! In addition to the huge assortment of eyewear for everyday physical hazards, we also offer a wide variety of laser safety glasses, welding eyewear, nighttime and computer eyewear. For virtually every application, we have your protection in sight!

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Customer Testimonials

I am a repeat customer who appreciates your vast selection and terrific customer service. Thank you.

Barbara, NJ

Very satisfied with the quality of the products, the cost and the fast delivery.

Hank, NC

Been shopping with you for a long time never had any problems and always get the product fast.

Phil, MI

I have been a customer for some time now and they are great, the staff have always exceeded my expectations.

Chris, TX