Laser Protection For Pilots

High-powered hand-held laser pointers have become a significant hazard to ground based law-enforcement officers and both fixed and rotary wing pilots, as they can induce a temporary and dazzling flash/glare blindness. The sudden loss of vision from even a low-power laser pointer illumination can be disorienting and debilitating, yet standard sunglasses and typical safety goggles provide virtually no protection from these hazards.

NoIR GlareShields™ laser pointer filters provide sufficient protection from the disabling effects of intentional or incidental laser pointer hits without compromising the wearer’s ability to perform on the job. All NoIR GlareShields™ provide full daylight UV and glare protection along with laser safety. But since the flash-blindness effect of a laser pointer illumination is much more pronounced at night, NoIR offers two GlareShields™ designed for use in low light conditions (PBG & AG2). GlareShields™ optimize protection from the beam with Optical Densities (ODs) between 1-2.5 (absorbing 90-99.5% of the beam energy), while still allowing visibility of the beam spot (for point source location), all without compromising visual acuity or display panel color recognition.

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