Phillips Welding Glasses with Black Frame and Shade 14 Lens

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  • Phillips Solar Eclipse (Welding) Glasses with Black Frame and Shade 14 Lens with Side Shields
  • Phillips Solar Eclipse (Welding) Glasses with Black Frame and Shade 14 Lens without Side Shields
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  • Black Plastic Frame with Side Shields
  • Shade 14 Glass Green Lenses

Frame Size:

  • Eye: 48mm
  • Bridge: 18mm
  • Temple Length: 145mm


Phillips Welding Glasses are not ANSI Z87 certified and therefore not endorsed for use as safety eyewear where impact hazards exist.

All lens material used  has been certified to be Shade 14 by DIN Certo, Class 1 by notified body 0196 CE. In addition, they meet all Transmission Requirements as specified by ISO 12312-2:2015 for direct solar observation. 

*NOTE - Welding protection with IR Green shades, Cobalt, or other very dark lenses is NOT to be worn while operating moving vehicles, bicycles or any such apparatus, particularly on the road, as these shades can significantly impair one's ability to see traffic signals adequately or accurately. "Welding protection" includes, but is not limited to: glasses, goggles, shields, masks, hoods and helmets. Safety Glasses USA, Inc. is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by such activity.

Phillips Solar Eclipse Glasses have exceptionally dark lenses and are intended solely for solar eclipse observation or welding. They are far too dark for use as sunglasses. The glasses block over 99% of UV light and 97% of IR Radiation. The visible light transmission of these lenses is roughly .0003%.

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