NoIR CYN Filter for Alexandrite and Nd:YAG Lasers (755nm, 1064nm)

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  • NoIR CYN Filter for Alexandrite and Nd:YAG Lasers (755nm, 1064nm)
  • NoIR CYN Filter for Alexandrite and Nd:YAG Lasers (755nm, 1064nm)
  • NoIR CYN Filter for Alexandrite and Nd:YAG Lasers (755nm, 1064nm)
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NoIR Laser Safety Glasses are the product of engineering innovation and tight manufacturing tolerances, providing an optimal balance between protection and visibility.

Available in universal styles, with one to fit nearly every face, whether over prescription glasses or not.

Polycarbonate laser glasses are lightweight, economical, and offer excellent protection from lasers. NoIR's polycarbonate lenses extremely durable and scratch resistant.

OD Specifications (Optical Density):
OD 5+ @ 190-435 nm
OD 5+ @ 730-1085 nm
OD 7+ @ 755 nm
OD 7+ @ 1064 nm

VLT (Visible Light Transmission):

Included Accessories:

  • Hard Case
  • Neck Cord
  • Microfiber Pouch


Frame #33:

  • Redesigned for better temple and cheek coverage
  • Reinforced material for higher damage thresholds
  • Universal fit for those with and without Rx glasses
  • CE certified

Frame #34 and #34W:

  • Sleek stylish fit
  • Removable Rx insert (included)
  • 8 base lens provides full wrap-around coverage
  • Soft temples
  • EN207 and ANSI Z136 compliant
  • Insert available with 1.0-4.0 magnification powers

Frame #35:

  • Modern style
  • Adjustable temples
  • Comfort fit
  • CE certified

Frame #38 and #38W:

  • Modern over-prescription style (large)
  • Soft temples
  • Top and sideshield protection
  • EN207 compliant

Frame #52:

  • Large wrap-around
  • Full orbital coverage
  • Comfort-fit temples
  • CE-Certified

Frame #53:

  • Modern large over-prescription style
  • Side and brow protection
  • Comfort-fit temples
  • CE-Certified

Frame #55:

  • Detachable Rx-insert (included)
  • Over-prescription with side-shield protection
  • ‘50s retro-styling
  • Magnification inserts available
  • CE certified

Note to Customers:
While we are happy to assist in identifying which laser filters and frames match the specifications you provide, you are ultimately responsible for:

1. Knowing the exact wavelength and optical density that is required by and/or stated by your laser's manufacturer.

2. Making your selection based on that information. Safety Glasses USA® is not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by the use of any laser, whether used properly or improperly. Safety Glasses USA reserves the right to refuse a sale to anyone whom we suspect intends to use a laser in an unlawful or inappropriate manner.

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Additional Information

Laser Wavelength:
190-435nm OD 5+
Laser Wavelength:
730-1085nm OD 5+
Laser Wavelength:
755nm OD 7+
Laser Wavelength:
1064nm OD 7+
Laser Type:
Laser Type:
Optical Density (OD):
OD 2+
Optical Density (OD):
OD 3+
Optical Density (OD):
OD 4+
Optical Density (OD):
OD 5+
Optical Density (OD):
OD 6+
Optical Density (OD):
OD 7+
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