Medical Safety Glasses

Like those in industrial environments, Medical and Dental professionals never know when a safety hazard will rear its ugly head.  The threat of random airborne fluids is often present.  For this reason, they too must be prepared with proper eye or face protection.  Medical and dental eyewear is usually a wrapping, shield-like lens which better blocks the oft-exposed areas near the temples, and an Anti-Fog coating on the lens is also favorable to help maintain visual clarity.  Occasionally an LED light is also needed for increased visibility.

This selection of safety glasses has become quite popular among doctors, nurses, dentists and hygienists.  The eyewear provides a moderate level of protection from fluids, as well as impact protection from unexpected debris.  Most styles are lightweight and very comfortable.  A few over-glasses are also shown here for those who wear prescriptions.  All lenses are made of Polycarbonate and inherently block 99.9% of UV-A and UV-B light.

For those needing a sealed splash goggle for additional protection from fluids or chemicals, please see our Splash Goggle page.

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