Heated Jackets - Hours of Warmth and Comfort - FREE SHIPPING

Powered by 20V MAX batteries, DeWalt Heated Jackets provide hours of warmth and comfort when the temperature drops. Constructed from heavy-duty materials, these jackets stand up to tough job site conditions and are stylish enough to wear around town. Available in a variety of colors, including black, khaki, camouflage and hi-visibility yellow.

An integrated LED controller allows you to select the perfect temperature for your environment. Features 3 temperature settings (high, med, low with preheat function). It's as simple as; click once for low, twice for medium and three times for high. Up to 5.5 hours of heat per charge.

Most jackets come with a 20V Max battery, a USB power source and charger. Charge your portable electronics with the 2 powered USB ports. Easily swap batteries to extend heating time. See each individual jacket for details.

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