This page lists all of our safety glasses with IR Green Shade lenses for infrared protection. Shade levels 2, 3, and 5 are designed for light to medium soldering, brazing, cutting or welding. These lenses do not provide adequate protection for an arc welder (requires shield with shade 8+), but do offer good protection from nearby flash or exposure.
Shade 2 VLT = 20-28%     Shade 3 VLT = 10-14%     Shade 5 VLT = 2-4%

Note to Customers:
Welding protection with IR Green shades, Cobalt, or other very dark lenses is NOT to be worn while operating moving vehicles, bicycles or any such apparatus, particularly on the road, as these shades can significantly impair one's ability to see traffic signals adequately or accurately. "Welding protection" includes, but is not limited to: glasses, goggles, shields, masks, hoods and helmets. Safety Glasses USA, Inc. is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by such activity.

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