Extreme Anti-Fog Goggles

Extreme Anti-fog Goggles are designed to maintain clarity in extreme conditions. Fogging occurs when there is a significant change in the temperature and moisture around a spectacle or goggle lens. It can affect either side of the lens depending on your environment, activity, and situation, but it occurs most often on the inside. Inside fogging is usually due to the air inside the goggle, having become warmer and more moist from your face and eyes, condensing on the lens in colder environments. The bigger the difference in temperature and moisture between the inside and outside, the faster and more severely the fogging can occur. The most basic remedy for fogging is airflow. If the air inside the lens is allowed to blend with the air outside the lens, both sides of the lens will more quickly achieve equilibrium, and fogging will be reduced, if not completely prevented. The enclosed nature of goggles, however, does not permit good airflow. Certainly, there are special anti-fog coatings that are often used to improve fogging problems, but their performance is limited in extreme environments, especially with goggles. That's where improved designs and technology come in.

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