Stick-On Bifocals

OPTX 20/20 Stick-On Bifocals

Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can turn your favorite sunglasses or safety glasses into reading glasses using Stick-On Bifocals? With Optx-20/20 Hydrotac lenses you can eliminate squinting to read, stacking safety glasses over your reading glasses or wearing two pairs of glasses around your neck. Plus you'll save your hard earned money!

Choose from the standard Hydrotac lenses that are 1.2" in diameter or the MagnOptx Large, which are 1.6" in diameter. Optx-20/20 Stick-On lenses are soft, pliable, lightweight, precision-optical lenses that easily apply to any style sunglasses with water. They can be removed and reused over and over. Optx-20/20 Hyrdotac & MagnOptx Stick-On Bifocals may be trimmed if necessary for a true custom fit. Proudly Made in USA.

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