Oakley SI Tombstone Spoil Replacement Lens

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Oakley SI introduces a revolutionary competitive shooting eyeshield, Tombstone Tactical Sunglasses. Oakley SI worked with top marksmen to identify the most crucial problems they encountered with conventional eyewear. The response focused on three specific areas: Field of View, Contrast/Clarity, and Lens Interchangeability. Solving these problems was at the forefront of designing all aspects of Tombstone. Using eye-tracking technology, Oakley SI identified the key zones in your field of view to allow for 120 degrees of vision. Oakley SI incorporated PRIZM technology to provide contrast enhanced viewing to help lock in your target and decrease eye fatigue/eye strain. Finally, Oakley SI integrated a single release trigger for rapid lens exchange that is fingerprint free. The end result: Tombstone, Oakley SI's most advanced shooting eyeshield delivering unprecedented performance for the modern day marksman.

Rapid Lens Exchange:
A robust and durable single release trigger makes lens exchange quick and allows for lenses to be swapped out without placing fingerprints on the surface.

Increased Field of View:
Lens profile expands zone to a full 120-degree view and a lens curvature that extends the peripheral view allowing shooters to easily acquire a comfortable sight picture.

Compliance: All Oakley eyewear are tested to meet ANSI high velocity and high impact standards. However, please note that not all are marked as certified ANSI Z87. Thus, while other Oakley styles may surpass these standards, we cannot endorse this particular style as industrial safety glasses as they are not marked for ANSI Z87 compliance. Should you require Z87 certified Oakley eyewear, please visit our Oakley Safety Glasses section.

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