Noisefighters Heatsync Sweat-Wicking Ear Pad Covers

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  • Noisefighters Heatsync Sweat-Wicking Ear Pad Covers - Black & Coyote
  • Noisefighters Heatsync Sweat-Wicking Ear Pad Covers - Black & Coyote Packaging
  • Noisefighters Heatsync Sweat-Wicking Ear Pad Covers - Cooling Sample
  • Noisefighters Heatsync Sweat-Wicking Ear Pad Covers - Compatibility
  • Noisefighters Heatsync Sweat-Wicking Ear Pad Covers - with Headset and Helmet Sample
  • Noisefighters Heatsync Sweat-Wicking Ear Pad Covers - On Headset Sample
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There is nothing like it out there.  Noisefighters Heatsync addresses the #1 problem with headsets: in hot weather, there is internal sweat accumulation and excessive heat buildup. A form-fitting cover, made 100% in the U.S.A. from advanced materials including 4D Tactical's NanoTech embedded-silver, antimicrobial, wicking fabric, is pulled tight over your headset's existing ear pads. In use, the Noisefighters Heatsync draws perspiration out from the inside of the headset and helps cool the wearer through the evaporative process. Our triple-locking design keeps the ear cup cavity fully open for comfort, ensures the noise seal is totally closed for safety, and holds the cover securely in place for reliability.  

In development for three years, Heatsync is the answer to countless customer requests to make headset use more bearable in hot weather. Every detail, from material selection, pattern shape, seam type, wire material and thickness, fabric color, and more have all been meticulously considered, tested, and verified for professional use. Through experimentation, we also can confirm that the Heatsync solves another important issue: during extreme cold weather use, the cover provides an insulative barrier between the freezing cold rubber ear pads and the user's face. Finally, the Heatsync's proprietary fabrics are pleasing to the touch and add a noticeable amount of comfort versus rubber ear pads. Adding our Heatsync covers will be a significant upgrade to your headset.


  • Select from Black or Coyote color option
  • Wicks sweat out from the inside of the headset and cools you down using the evaporate process
  • Eliminates the slimy feeling from wearing wet rubber ear pads against the head in hot weather
  • Insulates in cold weather by providing a barrier between the face and rubber ear pads
  • An innovative design and material selection provides both anitmicrobial properties and a secure, comfortable fit, even for those with larger ears
  • Appears to fit nearly every headset on the market that uses 4" x 3" oval or rectangular ear pads; See warning about Ops-Core Amp below
  • Works perfectly well in conjunction with either gel or foam ear pads and additionally allows glasses arms to slide through the relief cuts on Sightlines earpads
  • Includes: One Pair (Two Pieces) HeatSync Fabric Cover (No headset, nor any other product is included)
  • Made in the USA

We have tested this cover on most headsets from Peltor, Howard Leight, Bose, Lightspeed, Sordin, Walker's Game Ear, and many other brands, and we believe it is a universal fit, with very few exceptions (see below). If you have larger ears or wear bulky ear plugs or use hearing aids, there is no need to worry: a stainless steel expanding spring is included to lock the Heatsync cover to the inside of each cup on the headset and keep the ear cavity fully open and comfortable. An elastic band also runs along the outside of the cover to keep things secure and tidy. For more permanent installation, there's also a hole on either side of the cover that allows the headband retaining arm to pierce through and keep the Heatsync locked in place (for nearly every headset, excepting Sordin and Peltor Optime). Installation is very fast, simple, and reversible, with no evidence of the cover ever being attached. 

On some Liberator, Sordin, SWATCOM, and Invisio T5 products, the holes that allow the headband retaining arm to pierce through and keep the cover locked in place are not usable due to those headsets prohibiting the removal of the wire headband. Electronic cables are routed through the retaining arms that the headband wire attaches to, so there does not appear to be a workaround. By relying on our stainless steel expanding springs and elastic band, the cover will still be perfectly stable during use.

Regarding the Ops-Core AMP headset, we have received reports from customers that they are unhappy with the fit of the first generation Heatsync design. The current, universal design is not tailored perfectly to match the very slim outline of this premium headset. We are in contact with Ops-Core and intend to release a follow-up product that is designed specifically to match the AMP headset’s shape. If you wish to use this first generation product on the AMP, please understand that we are aware that the fit is not perfect and that we recommend you consider waiting for the tailor-made solution that we will release in the near future.

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