JSP Hard Hats

Head protection is required in almost every industry where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects or while working in areas of restricted head space. JSP offers arguably the best hard hat on the market today. Manufactured in the UK, JSP's Type I hard hats have been designed to exceed the requirements of Europe's EN397, a more stringent industrial helmet standard than even ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009. This is topped only by JSP's own MK8 Type II hard hats, which exceed the new and even tougher EN14052 standard, the biggest advance in industrial head protection in over 45 years! JSP Hard Hats are available in several styles and colors. But that's only the beginning. Remarkable, proprietary features that out-perform the competition in comfort, suspension and retention, are part of what make these the best of the best. The Evolution 6100 series offers a short brim and full brim option as well as the standard brim, and each hard hat model is available as vented or unvented. Note: vented hard hats do not meet the Class E qualifications (dielectric).

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