Hearing Protection

If you work around loud machinery, on a construction site, or spend much time firing a weapon, or if you've lost some hearing due to prolonged exposure in these or other noisy environments, then you know how important hearing protection is. Safety Glasses USA carries a vast selection of hearing protection.  Included in our offering of Ear Muffs are Active Ear Muffs, Passive Ear Muffs, Folding Ear Muffs, Behind-the-Head Ear Muffs and Cap-mount Ear Muffs.  Our available Ear Plugs consist of Reusable Ear Plugs, Disposable Ear Plugs, Custom Ear Plugs, ear plugs available for purchase by the Box or the Pair, ear plug Dispensers and Refills, and Banded plugs.  Hear Pro Accessories include hygiene kits, belt clips and muff cases.

Use the Hearing Protection categories and filters on the left of this page to find exactly what you need.  If you have a question about our safety equipment or would like assistance placing your order, we welcome you to call Safety Glasses USA at 800-870-6189. 

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