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Included in our offering of Ear Muffs are Electronic Ear Muffs, Folding Ear Muffs, Behind-the-Head Ear Muffs and Cap-mount Ear Muffs. For those looking for Electronic Ear Muffs, you may consider selecting that specific category to the left to view only those and to read more relevant information about electronic muffs.

A Folding Ear Muff is simply one that folds down or otherwise reduces to a more compact unit for easier carrying or storage.  Behind-the-Head (BTH) Ear Muffs are made with their support resting behind the head versus over the top.  This is especially helpful when hard hats or other hats must be worn that would otherwise interfere with the muff's band on the head.  Some muffs are adjustable, allowing the support band to rotate to either position.  Lastly, Cap-Mount muffs do not have the supporting band between them, but are separated and individually attach directly to a hard hat (often with additional adapters). 

Use the Hearing Protection categories and filters on the left of this page to find exactly what you need. If you have a question about our safety equipment or would like assistance placing your order, we welcome you to call Safety Glasses USA at 800-870-6189.

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  • Radians Silencer Earmuff SL0130ID

    Radians Silencer Earmuff


    Radians Silencer Earmuff Features: Padded headband allows easy adjustment to fit most head sizes comfortably Soft, foam padded earcups allows a comfortable fit even when wearing safety glasses Rugged construction provides durability in a wide range...
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