Cooling Products

Cooling Products

Cooling Products

Stay cool this summer with a variety of Cooling Products. Choose from cooling towels, bandanas and hard hat liners. Available in several patterns and colors. They're the perfect heat stress management for construction job sites, road work, yard maintenance, workout routines or any strenuous indoor or outdoor activity.

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  • COOLIT PVA Cooling Towel - Rolled COOLIT PVA Cooling Towel - Flat Top Surface

    COOLIT PVA Cooling Towel

    Safety Glasses USA

    Price: $8.95
    Stay cool while working, exercising, or on the move. COOLIT PVA Cooling Towels help you stay cool via a combination of cold contact, moisture, and evaporation. Simply soak the COOLIT towel in cold water, wring it out, and it's ready to drape around your...
    Price: $8.95
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    Price: $8.95
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