Amber, Orange & Yellow Lens Safety Glasses

This page lists all of our safety glasses with Yellow lenses, also called Amber by many brands. Because of its ability to make your environment appear brighter, it is commonly used in low light conditions. Like Copper, Orange, and Brown lenses, it effectively blocks much of the troublesome blue light, thereby enhancing contrast and depth perception.

Blue Light has a shorter wavelength than that of other colors in the visible light spectrum. It scatters easily, making it more difficult for our eyes to focus. This is why sharpness and depth perception, as well as eye fatigue, are improved when blue light is reduced.

Recent studies have shown that excessive light, and blue light in particular, suppresses our natural sleep hormone, melatonin. It has been suggested that wearing Yellow or Amber eyewear for an hour or more prior to bed will block enough blue light to prevent the melatonin from being suppressed, thereby allowing us to sleep more quickly and easily. Separate studies have also determined that the display on a TV, computer monitor, pad, phone, and games emits an excessive amount of blue light. For those using these devices immediately before bed may find yellow/amber lenses doubly important.

NOTE:  It should be understood that Copper is the most effective blue blocking lens. However, for indoor use, copper is generally considered too dark. Yellow or light Amber provides some blue blocking without too much of a dimming effect.

Not recommended for bright light conditions, or areas where accurate color recognition is critical. You can sort the page by Most Popular, Name (alphabetical order), or Price. Please click on an item for details and to order.   For Indoor/Outdoor use.   VLT = 78-87%