Lens Cleaning Products

Lens Cleaning Products

Lens Cleaning Products and Anti-Fog Spray

If your safety glasses fog up while you are wearing them, they can suddenly become a whole lot less safe. Ditto for getting dirty from random debris or dust from your job site. Our line of lens cleaning products helps you keep your safety glasses clean and clear so that you can work safely.

Pre-moistened lens cleaning towelettes, lens cleaning kits and lens cleaning stations can all be kept on hand for regular maintenance or to tend to your lenses in the case of an accident when you need to clean off chemicals or debris quickly. Anti-fog spray is also available to prevent the accumulation of condensation on the glasses, making it hard to see.

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  • Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit

    Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit


    Price: $15.00
    Even the best optics on earth can be compromised by dirt, dust and the natural oils of your skin. Specially formulated for Oakley eyewear, our cleaning solution offers the highest level of clarity without affecting the optical precision of our...
    Price: $15.00
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