3M SmartLens Safety Glasses with Photochromic Lens


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  • 3M SmartLens Safety Glasses with Photochromic Lens Side View
  • Simulation of the 3M SmartLens changing color.
  • 3M SmartLens Photochromic Lenses shown in a split image in both light and darkened states.
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Have you been carrying around two pairs of safety glasses? Clear lens for inside work, and gray lens for outdoors. Tired of setting one pair down and having to retrieve them from your last task?

The 3M SmartLens is "UV reactive," also called "photochromic," so it responds to the amount of Ultraviolet (UV) light it receives. The lens lightens or darkens as needed, going from clear to gray. Now you can enjoy the convenience of using a single pair of safety glasses for both indoor and outdoor protection. Awesome!


  • Microfiber Storage/Cleaning Bag Included
  • Adjustable Nylon Lanyard Included
  • Spring Hinge Temples
  • Stylish Frame Accents
  • Soft Rubber Nosepiece and Temple Trim
  • 99.9% UV Protection


  • Frame Width - 131mm
  • Temple Length – 122mm
  • Lens Height - 43mm


  • ANSI Z87.1-2015 

Important Notes:

The photochromic lens for the 3M SmartLens has a 22% VLT (visible light transmission) in its darkened state. This lens tint is considered a medium gray, and not as dark as some might require in bright sunlight. As a comparison, standard dark gray lenses allow only 10-16% light transmission. 

Safety directors should assess their particular workplace and make sure all SmartLens wearers are informed of the time required for the lens transition. Special care should be taken when moving from outdoors to indoors, as the lens tint takes a few minutes to adjust. Outdoor temperatures may affect lens transition time. Typically, photochromic lenses will perform better in cold temperatures. 

Just a friendly reminder when driving, our windshields are made from polycarbonate which is 99.9% UV protective by nature. Photochromic lenses won't darken when worn inside a vehicle because the car's windows are blocking the necessary UV light, which causes the lens to darken.

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ANSI Z87.1
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