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Sunglasses and Safety Sunglasses From Your Favorite Name Brands

Sunglasses and Safety SunglassesIn many circumstances, such as environments where brightness and glare are a major concern, Sunglasses can be just as important as Safety Glasses. When outfitted with polycarbonate lenses, sunglasses provide excellent protection against UV light and moderate-to-high impact. Many of the sunglasses in this section are not stamped Z87+ for safety compliance in the workplace, but some are. Those certified and stamped with Z87+ include Oakley Industrial Safety Glasses, all Wiley X sunglasses, all Smith sunglasses, all ESS sunglasses, all Edge sunglasses, and some Bobster sunglasses. You may also click the Safety Sunglasses link below for a large variety of more basic Z87+ sunglass options. Ballistic sunglasses are also available from Smith, ESS, Edge and Bobster. High impact protection is not always the primary concern, and if you're into sports, outdoor activities or even casual fashion, then Sunglasses fit the bill perfectly. And if you're in need of the hard-to-find Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses, click the ONO's link below. is an authorized US dealer and distributor for all the sunglass brands we carry. All the sunglasses we sell are guaranteed to be new and authentic.

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