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Safety Sunglasses - Organized by Lens Color

Many outdoor jobs such as yard maintenance, construction and many others require safety glasses, so when the sun is shining bright what do you do? You get yourself a pair of Safety Sunglasses. The majority of the safety glasses made today are available with a variety of tinted lens colors, so you can work comfortably in any light condition. Plus with Safety Sunglasses you're not only getting the impact protection you need, but you're also receiving the added benefit of 99.9% UV protection. Do yourself a favor and get some today. Please select a lens color below.

Amber/Yellow Lens
Blue Lens
Silver Mirror Lens
Indoor-Outdoor Lens
Orange Lens
Vermillion Lens
Ice Blue Mirror
Grey and Smoke Lens
Copper Lens
Purple Lens
Emerald Mirror Lens
Smoke Green Lens
Brown & Bronze Lens
Green Lens
Blue Mirror Lens
Gradient Lens
Photochromic Lens
Gold Mirror Lens
Red Mirror Lens