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Rx Ready Safety Goggles

If you are in need of Prescription-Ready Safety Goggles, you're in luck. We've included all safety goggles we carry that are Rx ready -- ready and waiting for you to have prescription lenses installed by your optician. These models are all tested, certified and stamped for ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified compliance.

Note: The Z87-2 stamp indicates that a pair has been tested to meet Z87 standards with a prescription lens installed. While all styles in this section meet Z87+ impact standards, they may not have been tested with prescription lenses and are therefore not stamped Z87-2.

Unless otherwise stated in an item's description, these models are complete goggles with frames and lenses, and are not available as a "frame only".

To see our selection of prescription-ready safety glasses, please click to visit our section entitled Rx Ready Safety Glasses. The Bobster brand goggles are considered "convertible". With the push of a button, the included goggle strap and temples are interchangeable, giving you versatility in your eyewear.

This eyewear is determined by the manufacturer to be able to accommodate prescription lenses. The range of prescription strengths among these models will vary, and some styles may not allow for higher strengths.
Safety Glasses USA does not currently own, operate or work with any optical lab. It is recommended that you consult your local optician prior to purchasing for prescription to verify that they can craft your desired lenses.

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