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Neck Cords & Retainers for Glasses

Your safety glasses provide significant protection. You want to take care in selecting the glasses engineered specifically for the job you are doing. Once you find the glasses you need, you will want to protect them so that they, in turn, will continue to protect you. Don’t risk laying them down somewhere, leaving them to be knocked onto the floor and scratched or even worse, stepped on, lost or stolen.

A neck retainer is the ideal way to keep your safety glasses with you at all times; where you’ll have them when you need them and you won’t have to look for them repeatedly throughout the day. The ultimate in eye protection for your most precious parts, we feature a wide variety of neck cords to choose from.

The options are more numerous than one might imagine. The most basic retainer we carry is a lanyard style, some are made of cotton and some out of nylon. Retainers are available in Neoprene, and additionally Kevlar blend retainers which are fire and heat resistant and virtually indestructible. Grips come in either rubber or plastic and those bothersome “hot spots” behind the ears are prevented by retainer cords we offer, specifically designed to slip over the temple arms to provide a cushioned effect.

Many safety programs mandate that machine operators wear a “catch and release” or breakaway style of retainer. Check to see if your eyewear has a retainer specifically designed to work with it - most feature an adjustable fit. Many styles offer retainers in multiple colors, and for the “designer” minded, check out our sleek black breakaway cord which bears the Harley Davidson logo in white. Keep your glasses safe and easily accessible at all times with a simple, yet effective and durable neck cord - one of the most affordable and invaluable pieces of equipment you'll ever buy.

Edge Sunglass Leash - Nylon Neck Cord
Edge Sunglass Leash - Snap Back Cord
Edge Sunglass Leash - Black/Gray Rope
Edge Sunglass Leash - Floater Cord
Our Price: $2.85
Our Price: $2.85
Our Price: $2.85
Our Price: $6.30
Edge Sunglass Leash - Logo Cord
Edge Sunglass Leash - Sleeve
Chums Original Cotton Retainer
Chums Breakaway Retainer
Our Price: $2.85
Our Price: $2.85
Our Price: $2.85
Our Price: $3.25
Chums SafetyChum Retainer
Crews Cotton Retainer
Chums DuraChum Kevlar Retainer
Crews Clip-On Break Away Cord
Our Price: $2.60
Our Price: $2.25
Our Price: $6.30
Our Price: $2.70
Uvex Universal Neck Cord - Black
Pyramex Black Lanyard Loop Cord
Pyramex Slip-on Black Neoprene Neck Cord
Our Price: $2.25
Our Price: $1.00
Our Price: $3.30