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Randolph Shooting Glasses - Randolph Ranger Edge and XLW

Randolph Shooting GlassesThose who are serious about the quality of their vision depend on handcrafted Randolph Shooting Glasses to perform, no matter the goal. Ranger lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UV radiation and are molded above industry standard thickness for your protection. Randolph's dedication to lens quality ensures their lenses provide the best optical definition and clarity. Unlike other shooting lenses, Rangers are made with distortion-free optical-grade polycarbonate. This gives you the level of protection you need while not compromising the quality of your vision.

Randolph offers the world’s finest eyewear, handcrafted in THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA using the finest components found worldwide and proudly noted as standard military issued.

Randolph Edge Shooting Glasses with Matte Black Frame
Randolph XLW Shooting Glasses with Matte Black Frame
Randolph Shooting Lenses
Our Price: $170.00
Our Price: $170.00

Custom Randolph Shooting Glasses in Four Easy Steps.

1. Choose a frame style above to begin building your custom Randolph Shooting Eyewear Kit.
2. Choose a frame size and temple style.
3. Choose up to five lenses.
4. Click the "Add To Cart" button.

Already own Randolph Shooting Eyewear and just looking to add some accessory lenses? Then please select the "Randolph Shooting Lenses" category above. If you need help customizing your kit then just give us a call at 1-800-870-6189.

For a chart to help determine your Frame and Lens Size please click the following link: Randolph Frame Size Chart

For a chart to help determine your Lens Color please click the following link: Randolph Lens Color Chart

*While all Randolph Shooting Glasses would presumably pass ANSI testing, they are not stamped for safety compliance and they are not designed for industrial safety applications, therefore they are not endorsed as "safety glasses" by