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ONO's Polarized Sunglasses & Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses

ONO’s Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses are now available in both polarized with bifocals and polarized without bifocals versions! Enjoy the benefits of polarized sunglasses combined with reading glasses. Now you can finally enjoy outdoor activities without the hassle of constantly switching glasses or trying to wear oversized sunglasses over your reading glasses. With Ono's polarized bifocal sunglasses with bifocals built into the lenses, you can enjoy a new dimension of comfort, convenience, and style without the prescription price.

**ONO's Polarized & Polarized Bifocal Eyewear are designed for sports & recreational uses only. They are NOT approved for use as industrial safety eyewear.**

ONO'S Araya
ONO'S Breeze
ONO'S Carabelle
ONO'S Cat Island
ONO'S Dauphine
ONO'S Grand Lagoon
ONO'S Harbor Docks
ONO'S Longitude
ONO'S Loon
ONO'S Oak Harbor
ONO'S Ocracoke
ONO'S Oreti
ONO'S Petit Boy
ONO'S Sand Island
ONO'S Sierra