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Oakley Large Soft Vault - Black

Oakley Large Soft Vault - Black

Oakley Large Soft Vault - Black

Item # OK-07-025
Our Price: $25.00
Engineered with the same reinforced nylon as the Oakley Small SOFT VAULT. Eyewear sold separately.

    The Large SOFT VAULT protects the following Oakley Eyewear:
  • Belong Behave Betray Breathless Big Square Wire Bottlecap
  • Crosshair
  • Dart Disobey
  • Enduring Eternal Eyepatch Eye Jacket 2.0 Eye Jacket 3.0
  • Fatcat Felon Frogskins
  • Gascan Gascan S Grapevine
  • Half Jacket Half Wire 2.0 Hijinx Hatchet
  • Inmate
  • Magnesium Four Magnesium Four S Minute 2.0 Montefrio Monster Dog Monster Doggle Monster Pup
  • Nanowire 1.0 Nanowire 2.0 Nanowire 3.0
  • Oil Drum Oil Rig O ROKR O ROKR PRO
  • Plate Pocket
  • Radar Ravishing Razor Blades Riddle Romeo 2.0
  • Script Speechless Spike Splice Straight Jacket
  • Ten Thump Pro
  • Unknown
  • Valve
  • Warden Why 8.0 Why 8.1 Why 8.2
  • XX
  • Zero Zero S Zero 0.4 Zero 0.4 Squared Zero 0.4 Squared Small Zero 0.7 Zero L

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