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Oakley Active Lifestyle Sunglasses

In sunglasses, as in life, itís not enough just to stand out. Youíve got to back up the flash with substance. Thatís why superior athletes and popular people rock Oakley's sunglasses . Some shades protect your eyes. Others protect your image. The Oakley sunglasses in their Active/Lifestyle collection do both. The Oakley attitude abides.

All Oakley eyewear are tested to meet ANSI high velocity and high impact standards. However, please note that not all are marked as certified ANSI Z87. Thus, while other Oakley styles may surpass these standards, we cannot endorse these particular styles as industrial safety glasses as they are not marked for ANSI Z87 compliance. Should you require Z87 certified Oakley eyewear, please visit our Oakley Safety Glasses section.

Oakley Batwolf
Oakley Fives Squared
Oakley Fuel Cell
Oakley Gascan
Oakley Oil Rig
Oakley Straight Jacket

Sometimes it helps to stand out. Just as the name suggests, the Oakley Active Lifestyle line of sunglasses was created for those who are always on the go. Adapted for both casual wear and sport wear, this line combines the professional utility of sport sunglasses with the convention and style of our more fashionable lines. Even more, Oakley Active Lifestyle Sunglasses boast the UVA, UVB, and UVC ray blocking ability of the top sunglasses on the market, creating the most effective generalist sunglasses for the ambitious person who is ready for anything. Why buy multiple sets of glasses for every different thing you do when you can purchase one pair from our Active Lifestyle line?

While reliable and guaranteed in quality by itself, you arenít just paying for the Oakley brand; youíre paying for top-of-the-line sunglasses that are specially designed to adapt to whatever scenarios your own lifestyle throws at it. Whether youíre looking for continuous lens glasses like our Batwolf series, an aviator style like our Crosshair 2.0 series, or a sleek look like our Straight Jacket series, our Oakley Active Lifestyle Sunglasses will make you look good, guaranteed.

Thanks to our specialty engineers, consumers will no longer have to choose between form and function. The efficiency these revolutionary new sunglasses introduce has provided us with new ways to blend practicality and functionality with a contemporary look that you can take with you anywhere you go. In terms of how you look, the different styles offered vary immensely all the way from our Oil Rig sunglasses to our Pit Bull sunglasses to our C-Wire sunglasses. The wide selection offered guarantees to appeal to anyone, while still maintaining an efficient, practical design and the ultra-effective harmful ray-blocking ability of the best out there.

The bottom line: Oakley Active Lifestyle Sunglasses block 100% of the sunís harmful UV rays and contain the professional architecture of industrial and sport wear glasses, while simultaneously keeping a stylish and presentable aesthetic. Itís as simple as that.

These sunglasses were made for those who go beyond. For those who live an active lifestyle, choose Oakley Active Lifestyle Sunglasses.

Oakley Standard Issue items are available for US sales only. We will ship only to United States destinations and US military bases. Oakley Standard Issue items on orders shipping outside the US will be removed before the order is processed.