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Hearing Protection - Earplugs and Earmuffs

Your head knows where to go for the most dependable and high performance protective gear, from safety glasses to hard hats to hearing protection, and that's why your head has led you to Safety Glasses USA. We're your home for all of the ANSI and other code-certified protective apparel and safety equipment your hazardous work environment or hyper-active lifestyle requires. We keep our prices extremely low, and our quality standards incredibly high, in the hopes that one of our product will keep you from serious injury or worse some day.

If you work around loud machinery, on a construction site, or spend much time firing a weapon, then you know how important hearing protection can be. At Safety Glasses USA, we carry a deep selection of ear muffs, ear plugs and other excellent hearing protection equipment. Our earmuff sections feature a wide range of different styles, from basic noise suppression muffs to ultra-modern electronic models that not only adjust sounds to specific decibel levels, but fine tune the sounds you actually need to hear. Choose one of the hearing protection categories below to get started, because that jackhammer you're using isn't getting a muffler any time soon.

Electronic Earmuffs
Banded Earplugs