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Foam-Padded Safety Glasses

Foam Padded Safety Glasses use foam padding around the edges of the frame or lens for increased protection from airborne debris, while also providing added comfort. Foam padded glasses are recommended for dusty or windy environments, including those in biking and motorcycle riding. Anti-Fog versions are recommended for tasks that involve high exertion or broad temperature changes. Some models below offer removable foam gaskets, while others are permanently attached. Several styles are considered "convertible", in that they include temple arms and goggle straps for the easy changing of their configuration and function. All of our Foam Padded safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified and provide at least 99.9% protection from harmful UV light. You may also click to view our selection of Foam Padded Goggles, where the convertible models will also be found.

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