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Elvex Safety Glasses, Goggles and Hearing Protection


Elvex Safety Glasses and Goggles offer a wide variety of modern and comfortable features for everyone. All Elvex Safety Glasses on are constructed with hi-grade, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and are ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified. An anti-fog option is also available on specific styles.

Elvex Bifocals
Elvex Avion
Elvex Avion SlimFit
Elvex Bifocal Rx-100
Elvex Bifocal Rx-200
Elvex Bifocal Rx-300
Elvex Bifocal Rx-350
Elvex Rx-500
Elvex Chica
Elvex Elite
Elvex Go-Specs
Elvex Go-Specs II
Elvex Reflect-Specs
Elvex Sonoma
Elvex TNT
Elvex TTS
Elvex Trix
Elvex Xenon
Elvex XTS
Elvex OVR-Spec
Elvex OVR-Spec II
Chainsaw Protection
Elvex Hearing Protection
Elvex Face Shields
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