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Elvex Ear Muffs

Elvex Ear Muffs offer excellent comfort, durability and sound attenuation. Click a model below for more details.

Elvex ValueMuff SuperSeal Ear Muff 25 NRR
Elvex MaxiMuff SuperSeal Ear Muff 28 NRR
Elvex UltraSonic Ear Muff 29NRR
Elvex HM-20 Low Profile Cap-Mount NRR-25 Ear Muffs
Our Price: $8.60
Our Price: $13.00
Our Price: $16.90
Our Price: $14.10
Elvex Plug-in Hearing Protection with 82 dB Limiter
Elvex Plug-in Electronic Ear Muff w/o Limiter
Our Price: $55.00
Our Price: $55.00