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Elvex Ear Muffs

Elvex Ear Muffs offer excellent comfort, durability and sound attenuation. Click a model below for more details.

Elvex ValueMuff SuperSeal Ear Muff 25 NRR
Elvex MaxiMuff SuperSeal Ear Muff 28 NRR
Elvex UltraSonic Foldable Ear Muff 27NRR
Elvex UltraSonic Ear Muff 29NRR
Our Price: $8.35
Our Price: $12.50
Regular Price: $19.40
Sale Price: $14.55
Our Price: $16.60
Elvex HM-20 Low Profile Cap-Mount NRR-25 Ear Muffs
Elvex Plug-in Hearing Protection with 82 dB Limiter
Elvex Plug-in Electronic Ear Muff w/o Limiter
Our Price: $13.90
Our Price: $53.50
Our Price: $53.50