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Common Questions

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Common Questions

Shipping & Order FAQ
Do I get a tracking number for my order?
Yes. You will receive a tracking number(UPS) or delivery confirmation number(USPS) via e-mail when your order ships.

You can always check the current status of your order by visiting our Track Your Order page. You'll need to input your order number and billing zip code.

How do I track my order?
You can track your order or check your current order status by visiting the Track Your Order page on our website.

All UPS tracking numbers will automatically provide a link to UPS's tracking page on their website.

For USPS shipping methods please copy the tracking number and visit their Track & Confirm webpage. You can then paste your tracking number into the provided form to receive delivery/tracking information.

How much does shipping cost?
All UPS & USPS shipping costs are determined by the weight and destination zip code of the order. We use a combination of "real-time" and flat rate prices for the most accurate and economical shipping cost as possible.

You can calculate your shipping charges before you checkout using the shipping calculator located at the bottom of the shopping cart. Please see the example below. Safety Glasses USA Shipping Charges

During the order process you will be able to review your shipping charges before you finalize your order.

Please visit our Shipping Policy page for detailed information.

Do you ship to Canada?
Yes, we ship to Canada. Please see our International Sales Policy for more details. Canadian customers can also shop online and choose the appropriate shipping method of their choice.

Do you ship to Military APO or FPO addresses?
Yes, we ship daily to APO & FPO addresses via USPS Priority Mail.

As a token of our appreciation all APO & FPO orders receive free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

You must enter your APO/FPO address correctly or the shopping cart will fail to recognize your military address. Please see the Shipping Calculator and Checkout examples below.

Shopping Cart Example:
Safety Glasses USA APO Address Shipping Calculator

Checkout Example:
Safety Glasses USA APO Address Checkout

USPS Priority mail is the only method we use to ship to an APO or FPO address. And, although we are happy to ship to our men and women overseas, the US Postal Service will NOT provide delivery confirmation for such packages. It is at the risk of the customer to have a package sent to an APO address. Once it leaves our warehouse, we have no way of proving delivery, nor tracking the package.

On rare occassions our experience has shown that it could take 4-12 weeks for a package to reach its APO destination. Safety Glasses USA cannot be responsible if the service member or end user has been relocated and the package becomes undeliverable. If a package is returned to us as undeliverable, it will be held until such time that the customer provides us with an updated address. Such packages may be subject to a 2nd shipping charge.

If you are unsure of these terms, may we suggest you have the package sent to a domestic address first for you to have forwarded to the APO or FPO location.

Please see our Shipping Policy for additional details.

Do you offer Free Shipping?
Receive Free Ground Shipping on eyewear from Gargoyles, Oakley, Randolph, Ray-Ban, Smith Elite and Wiley X. *48 Contiguous States only. Does not apply to accessories or replacement lenses.

Do you accept international orders?
Yes, we do accept international orders. Please see our International Sales Policy for additional details. Please note that if your country is not listed, we no longer ship to it.

How do I set up a Business or Net-30 account for my company?
An approved business account provides you the option of being invoiced for your orders with Net-30 terms versus paying up front with a credit card. 

To request a business account with® please complete the following steps.

  1. Download our New Account Credit Application. *Note: Adobe Reader is necessary to view this file.
  2. Completely fill in the form.
  3. Fax form back to us at (269) 273-3244.

Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for processing. Additional information is available by calling our customer service department at 1-800-870-6189 Mon-Fri 8AM-5:30PM EST.

Why do I need to supply my phone number and email address when placing an order?
Providing both gives us two methods by which we can attempt to contact you should any problems arise with your order (e.g. back-ordered product, credit card did not process correctly, etc.). Additionally, you will receive automatic email notifications about your order: the initial order confirmation with order number as well as a notice when your order ships. Lastly, you may receive e-newsletters or notice of specials/sales via email. We do NOT give your private information to anyone. You may also request to not be emailed at any time.

Why can I only add one item at a time to the shopping cart or why do items keep disappearing from the shopping cart?
This problem is likely due to your internet browser having ACCEPT COOKIES turned off or disabled. This can be caused by having your security settings on high or certain firewall programs will automatically disable "cookies" when they are installed. Please change your browser settings to accept cookies and the shopping cart should work as expected.

Why didn't I receive a pouch for each pair of eyewear that I purchased?
The microfiber pouches are a complimentary item that we choose to give as a courtesy to our customers. It also serves as a sample of what is available for additional ordering.

Colors of these free pouches may vary from one order to the next, and there may be times where another product is provided in place of a pouch. We do sell other cases and pouches. They can be found here.

Can I use a Visa gift card or bank issued gift card for online purchases?
Yes. However, we strongly suggest that you register your Visa or other bank issued gift card first. This will ensure your name and billing address matches the gift card when you place your online order. This will help prevent order processing delays or cancellation.

You can register your gift card by calling the phone number on the back of the card or visiting their website.

Product FAQ

What are the safety glasses you sell made of?
The majority of the safety glasses we sell have lenses made of polycarbonate unless otherwise noted. These lenses are certified by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) to meet or exceed impact protection requirements.

If you would like a detailed material description for any of our products please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. Please allow 24 business hours for a response.

Is your safety eyewear OSHA Approved?
Unfortunately OSHA is not entirely consistent in their requirements. Some states or regions may demand ANSI Z87.1 eyewear, while others merely recommend it. Michigan OSHA (MIOSHA), for example, makes a point to clarify that they cannot specifically require Z87, but that one's eyewear should simply be appropriate for the task they're performing. This was the point of view used in writing the newer version of the Z87 standard in 2010. The standard is now more focused on the application than on the product. While a pair of clear safety glasses may carry the stamp Z87.1 (or Z87+ or another variation), that does not mean it is appropriate for all tasks. For example, you would not use only that product for arc welding. It, by itself, is not enough and could result in damage to your eyes. Do not look at the stamp only for some measure of guaranteed safety. Common sense is required in many cases.

So for the question, "are those OSHA approved?" ...the answer depends entirely on your area's OSHA policies or philosophies. MIOSHA would refer you to their "Part 33: Personal Protective Equipment" for their view on the matter. While OSHA generally uses Z87.1 as the benchmark, different states may have different beliefs in how to enforce compliance. Our best suggestion is always to understand what your state's OSHA calls for. However, as long as you are wearing eyewear that is stamped Z87+, you have a good start toward being safe and compliant.

Do safety glasses offer UV protection?
To answer, Yes. All of our safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses offer a minimum of 99.% UVA and UVB protection. Many also offer 99.% or better protection against UVC. However, because the Earth's atmosphere filters most of the UVC before reaching us, it is not often discussed or worried about. Most indoor applications that emit UVC do require protection. Edge Eyewear offers 99.9% UVA, UVB, and UVC, while Oakley provides 100% protection for all three.

Do you offer prescription eyewear?
Safety Glasses USA does not currently own, operate or work with any optical lab.  We do offer a variety of safety glasses and safety goggles that have prescription inserts available, commonly called Rx inserts.  These Rx inserts are designed to be filled with your prescription by your optician, and then may be installed by you behind the main lens of the safety eyewear.  Please click on these respective links on® to view safety glasses or safety goggles that accommodate Rx inserts.

We also sell a variety of Rx-Ready eyewear.  That is eyewear that is able to accommodate prescription lenses up to a certain strength.  Please click this link to view our categories of Rx-Ready eyewear.

Do you carry full-lens magnifying safety glasses?
Yes, we carry full-lens magnifying safety glasses from Pyramex and Elvex. You can find them here: Pyramex Emerge and Elvex Rx-500

General FAQ
How to Contact Us
You can contact SafetyGlassesUSA.comŽ several ways.


Phone: 1-800-870-6189 or 1-269-273-2850

Fax: 1-269-273-3244

Snail Mail:
Safety Glasses USA, Inc.
1501 KDF Drive
Three Rivers, MI 49093

How do I use Customer Registration?
Benefits of creating a® user account

  • Simple Log-in: Easily access our Customer Portal by clicking on this link or the “My Account” link in the header of our website. Already have an account? Great, just enter your credentials! Need to sign up? Registering is a one-step process, and you’ll be done in no time. 
  • Track Your Orders: We want to help you cut out the guesswork and make order tracking as easy as possible. Our Customer Portal allows you to see your full order history – even phone orders – and track whether the order is being processed, in transit, or sent out for delivery and soon to arrive at your door.
  • Easy Checkout:Who has time to fill out their shipping and billing address information every single time they place an order? Our Customer Portal allows you to save your data via our 128 bit secure shopping encryption, making ordering safety gear quicker than ever.
  • Save and Share Your Favorites:Whether you have your own personal favorite safety glasses, or you need to regularly order the same styles for new staff hires, our Customer Portal gives you the ability to easily save your favorite products, and even share your favorites with others!
  • Receive Exclusive Offers:We care about our customers, and we want to reward loyal customers like you. Customers who register in our Customer Portal will be eligible for exclusive, regular discounts and promotions. Now if that’s not a reason to sign up, we don’t know what is!

Follow these steps to create your® account:

1. Click on MY ACCOUNT at the top of®.

Safety Glasses USA My Account Link

2. Click on the Register Now button.

Safety Glasses USA New Customer Registration

3. Complete the registration page. 

*Note: If you've placed orders with Safety Glasses USA in the past you need to sign up with the email address used for those previous orders, otherwise you may not be able to see your previous order history.

We aim to make shopping on as easy as possible for you, and our Customer Portal is just another step in our goal of total customer convenience. Have a suggestion on how we can make shopping even easier? Always feel free to contact us.

Do you have catalogs?
No, we do not print catalogs of our products. We tried catalogs many years ago, but found that, as often as we add to or change our selection, they became outdated soon after they're printed. Our virtual catalog online,, allows us to make changes immediately and stay as current as possible.

How can I improve compliance among my employees?
Although your workplace is not a fashion show, your employees still want something that looks reasonably appealing on them, and is also comfortable. Keep in mind that your employees have faces of different sizes and shapes, especially a crew that includes both men and women. Safety glasses, ear plugs, and work gloves are NOT "one size fits all" items. It may cost a little more to first acquire a better pair, or a better fitting pair, but when your employees like what they're wearing, morale increases, compliance increases (even outside the workplace where half of injuries occur), and because they take better care of them, replacement costs decrease. Most importantly, injuries decrease. In the long run, that saves your company much more money than it costs for the better equipment.

Do you offer free samples?
At this time, due to the low price of most of our products, SGUSA company policy does not allow for free samples of products. Should you wish to purchase products for the purpose of trial, please first refer to our Return Policy.

Affiliate FAQ

How do I become a Safety Glasses USA Affiliate? Commission Junction and ShareASale Affiliate Programs
Safety Glasses USA, Inc. is a top destination on the web for purchasing safety eyewear. We also carry a wide variety of work gloves, hearing protection, hard hats and respirators.

We offer a huge selection of safety glasses and goggles from many top brand manufacturers to include: Oakley, Crews, Pyramex, Smith & Wesson, DeWALT, Wiley X, Radians, ESS, Uvex, and many more.

This type of product can be used for activities such as industrial work, military applications, hunting and shooting, yard work and many other areas where the threat of eye, hand, or head injury exists. This allows a link for our products to fit into many types of website themes.

We are offering a commission of 7% per sale.

To sign up, please click one of the following:
Commission Junction or ShareASale