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Many of the Safety Glasses we sell are available in multiple lens colors. These various lens tints all have a specific purpose, depending on your environment, light conditions or what you're trying to achieve with your glasses, as some lenses work much better than others.

Looking for a specific lens color? Click on a color below to learn more about that tint and to view all the styles available in that lens color. Click here for more information on the light spectrum.

Clear Lens
Amber/Yellow Lens
Blue Lens
Silver Mirror Lens
Indoor-Outdoor Lens
Orange Lens
Vermillion Lens
Ice Blue Mirror
Grey and Smoke Lens
Copper Lens
Purple Lens
Emerald Mirror Lens
Smoke Green Lens
Brown & Bronze Lens
Red Mirror Lens
Blue Mirror Lens
Gold Mirror Lens
Green Lens
Gradient Lens
Photochromic Lens
Polarized Lens
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