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Bobster Renegade Convertible Sunglasses

The Renegade has unique styling and convertible function that sets it apart from the other eyewear in it's class. The Renegade has photochromic lenses that start out clear (V.L.T. 83%) and darken to a smoke (V.L.T. 28%) while in bright sunlight. This eyewear also comes with removable closed-cell foam to ensure a tear free ride while cruising. Carry case, microfiber cleaning cloth and goggle strap are also included.

*Please note that while these glasses would presumably pass ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards, they are NOT certified, and are therefore not endorsed as safety eyewear by Safety Glasses USA.

Bobster Renegade Convertible Sunglasses with Black Frame and Photochromic Lens
Our Price: $49.98