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Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses excel at impact protection; however when the temperature changes and the humidity goes up lens fogging can become a major pain. I think we can all agree there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to see due to fogged lenses. Not only are fogged lenses frustrating, but they can be potentially dangerous. Reduced visibility is an obvious problem, however so is the nagging urge to constantly remove your safety glasses. By removing your safety glasses to wipe away the fog or to just sneak a quick unobstructed view, you're exposing your eyes to potential impact hazards.

Fortunately many of the safety glasses we sell are available with Anti-Fog Lens Coatings, which dramatically reduce lens fogging. Keep in mind, nothing is 100% fog-proof, but you will notice a major difference between an uncoated lens vs. an anti-fog lens. If lens fogging is a potential problem for you, give Anti-Fog Safety Glasses a try.

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