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Youngstown Carpenter Plus Gloves

Youngstown Carpenter Plus Gloves

Youngstown Carpenter Plus Gloves

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Youngstown's Carpenter Plus features Shortened Fingers and Thumb for true Fingertip Dexterity when handling nails, screws, wires other small items. The glove is form-fit and non-slip reinforced for lasting durability and grip.

For a chart to help determine your Glove Size please click the following link: Youngstown Gloves Size Chart

  • The Plus Series offers a great deal of Palm and Finger coverage.
  • Further, the PVC based Asphalt Reinforcement Material is tough, tacky, and supple reinforcement.
  • This makes the gloves more dexterous, more durable and provides a more secure grip even in wet conditions.
  • All Plus Series gloves feature a FlexMesh™ cuff which is the most snug, supportive, protective, breathable and comfortable cuff closing system on the market.
  • No continual adjusting and readjusting is needed with this system.
  • The most anatomically correct palm construction on the market prevents bunching between the thumb and index finger.
  • The English Thumb is a 3-Dimensional design.
  • Youngstown internalizes the knuckle protection on the back of the hand.
  • Youngstown’s internalized protection will NOT get “caught up” when reaching into a tool pouch or pocket, and provides great protection for the knuckle.
  • The Carpenter Plus Glove is shortened on the middle and index fingers and thumb to provide fingertip dexterity, ideal for those who do carpentry, assembly or manufacturing work.
  • Sizes: M-XXL

Product Reviews for Youngstown Carpenter Plus Gloves

Youngstown Carpenter Plus Gloves5RednecksharpshooterFebruary 27, 2008I used them as a tactical glove. I decided to give them a try when my Blackhawk gloves didn't offer enough dexterity. These gloves saw countless hours of rapelling, climbing, shooting, etc., in a salt water environment all of which would be devastating to a lesser glove. As a member of US Navy's boarding team, I found them to be extremely rugged, and the shortened fingers allow for maximum dexterity and sensitivity for personnel search, handcuffing, firearm manipulation, and anything else you might need. I will buy more.
Youngstown Carpenter Plus Gloves5BryanMarch 5, 2007These are the best gloves out there.

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